Saturday, 14 February 2015

Crazy... Brave... Living the dream

I can not thank everyone enough for their support with my decision to close the studio and move forward, to be able to work more where my passion is Motorbike Photography,

I have heard many things on this "short" transition to the South Coast....

The words Crazy, Brave and I wish I could do that have been just some of the comments.

 I can not believe I have already been in my amazing new home for a month and a half!  The difference it has made to myself and my life is exactly what I needed.  I have started running again (something I would never have done with the studio).  I am getting away from the computer screen - would you believe actually spending evenings away from Facebook, out with both new and old friends it feels amazing!

I now have Fridays off of work to walk into town and attend dance classes something I have missed for the last 7 years!  

Do not get me wrong I wouldn't change a thing, I have loved the studio, my clients and my team (who I miss a lot)!

For those saying I wish I could do that, wishing that they too could chase their dreams....  I just want to let you know you can do it too!!  It takes working on yourself and it takes stepping out of your comfort zone but its possible! Anything is!

If you think this has been a smooth transition I can promise you it hasn't, I have had my what am I doing moments. Days of panic - have I done the right thing, but sitting here typing while looking out at the sea I know I have and I won't be going back.

Slowing down from my fast pace, 7 days at work a week lifestyle has also been a challenge - learning to relax and not be on go, go, go all the time (I will go more into this in another post).  But slowing down has helped me to get my creativity back.

I am now starting work on a personal motorbike photography challenge which I am very excited to have launched on both Facebook and Twitter (but that is for the next blog post :) )

My 2015 is all about living life and enjoying every minute of it.... make sure you join me!